Rick Perry – The biggest asshole ever


What in the goddamn hell is he talking about?

A war on religion? Obama has repeatedly confirmed that he is a religious man. And for a long time (and even to this day) a lot of Conservatives called Obama a closet Muslim, and they also constantly complained about that crazy Christian pastor.

Anyways, I’ve had some problems with The Witcher AND Red Faction. So once that’s sorted out then I will have a review for both up. Bleh. Check back soon.


3 responses to “Rick Perry – The biggest asshole ever

  1. Man,Rick Perry is scary.Not scary as in I’m afraid he will beat me up;Scary, as in i will build a bunker a 100 feet below the reach of any bunker busting bomb out there if he goes anywhere near those nuclear launch codes.Bush was scary enough.This dude is a pure psychopath!………P.P…

  2. Definitely! I agree, if he was to win, then I have a feeling over half of the population would be acting like everyone did around Y2K. Stocking up on supplies, going into their basements, bunkers, and holes in the ground. Or even the handful of people that bought SAM sites and installed them along with their underground bunkers, lol.

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