Finally back in action.


I have finally come out of hibernation.

So here are a few announcements on upcoming reviews and more.

The Saboteur

Red Faction

Freedom Fighters

And finally…Battlefield 3.


Unfortunately I still have not been able to recover my copy of Fraps. So I guess for the time being I’ll have to make do with the piece of shit demo version of Fraps.

Yep. My review for Red Faction should actually be up tonight. Also, Cori and myself may actually be putting up a video of us playing Minecraft sometime very soon. Yahooooo.



Update on NaNoWriMo, and a cool picture.

Well. I’ve been writing furiously for the past few days since the start of November. I’m at 6,300 words and counting. I’m trying to get a good head start on my word count so I can post some more stuff here for your enjoyment.

I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 on my computer. After running Windows XP for the past six or seven years I can honestly say that Windows 7 has blown my mind and melted my face off.

My colleague has a copy of Battlefield 3. So if his ass gets any free time he may do some interesting BF3 videos. Or not, I don’t really know. When I upgrade my computer and get my own copy of BF3 I could surely upload videos of us rocking the virtual world.

Anyways, with my focus on NaNoWriMo this month, there will most likely be less content for you wonderful people.

However I did get around to installing Amnesia:The Dark Descent, so I will most likely be uploading a video or two this weekend or early next week. I also have Team Fortress 2 installed, so I may be posting a video or two of that as well; as Cori and myself both have the game installed it will probably be a video of us both rocking some faces.

Anyways, the title of this post promises a cool picture. So here it is.




You can save this picture and set it as your desktop background if you like. Or, you could save and print the picture and cut out the eye holes; then wear the picture like a mask. If you do this, please upload a video of you doing it and then post a link to said video here.


Side note:Some more Minecraft videos should be up eventually as well. “Eventually” meaning after my NaNoWriMo work is complete, and after I do the Amnesia stuff. Mainly because Minecraft is so goddamn time consuming and addicting.


Looking Forward: The Other Side of Things

What is this? A post from The Bucket?
You thought I was dead? Well, now you can breath a slight sigh of disappointment because I am indeed alive.

As for an M&D post containing it’s usual righteousness, that is yet to be typed by my hands (even though mistermcconnell continues to amaze the world). With college education, that whole ‘gateway to a career driven future’ ideology, I have been busy. For instance, in my Networking Fundamentals class that is helping me prepare for a portion of the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator) Certification, we looked at ourselves clicking a link.

“See that? You clicked, and now you are at a webpage. Now, I’m going to lecture for an hour on what just happened in those few seconds.”

It’s amazing. A co-worker of mine says that it is magic, and I am just learning the ‘behind the scenes’, and I agree: this degree on black magic is not easy.

Speaking of co-workers, I work as a Pharmacy Technician (not for much longer). The other day, I was asked about our selection of suppositories. I’ve been asked about which orange-fiber-mix causes the least amount of gas. I’ve been told by a man that he doesn’t use generic forms of Immodium-AD to prevent bleeding from the…err…yeah. The other day, the pharmacy was excited because we received an order of Butt Paste. It’s an amazing journey every day, one that I in particular am ok with bringing to an end. I no longer have to tell people that it isn’t my fault that insurance isn’t paying for their medication.

Nonetheless, I have Battlefield 3 ordered. You will be able to watch mistermcconnell ragdoll in HD while muffling, “Errdufufufufufuf” over the microphone in time to see the man that killed him launch a rocket at me and destroy my cover. And destroy my face.

Life needs that every now and then. That is, you need your face to be destroyed by a rocket propelled grenade.

From the cluttered desk of,
The Bucket

The big debate. MW3 vs. BF3

**Steven Reasoner approves of this message. Because after reading this article he immediately went to Gamestop and put a $5 down payment on a BF3 preorder. Like I did a few weeks ago.**

It all started for me over a year ago.

I preordered Battlefield:Bad Company 2. When the game went live on Steam I played it into the early hours of the morning with a few of my close friends. Since I didn’t get the chance to play the beta stage of the game very much, it was a pretty new experience to me. Because the finished game was changed and tweaked in a few small ways from the beta I had previously played.

So I jumped into the game and had a fantastic time. I’ve been playing it since release and I’ve loved almost every moment of it. I say almost because not every game is perfect, and of course playing ANY game online can have it’s issues. Although in this case it tends to be the players, not so much the game itself.

A good example is how when you hop on a rush server, there is a good chance your attacking team may lose to the defending team. And this could be because your team just isn’t as good as the opposing team, the map is slightly stacked against you; OR because of the most irritating and bullshit reason in the world: snipers.

See, on Conquest it’s fine for some players to go with the recon class. Because they can tuck themselves in a nice little hiding spot somewhere inside of a point that your team owns. So they can defend the point from incoming enemies, and also be somewhat safe inside of a friendly (most of  the time) base. The recon teammates are annoying because they tend to stay waaaaay behind the friendly advance. This is in some sort of attempt to pick off enemies from across the map with their scoped rifles. This would be fine if it was just a couple people, but I have been on servers where almost half of BOTH teams have been recon, and it’s just a big Wookie-ghillie suit fuck fest of instant kills from across the map.

Like I said every game has it’s flaws. But luckily for me, my squad and myself are the ultimate ass kickers and we usually top the scoreboards. Because while half of our team dicks around with their recon class, our squad would be taking the fight to the enemy team and getting shit done.

Anyways. I’m going off track.

After thoroughly kicking ass and topping the charts in Bad Company 2 for a while, I saw that a lot of my friends were picking up on Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2. I remembered Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare. I actually really enjoyed the original MW, because it correctly pulled off juxtaposition. In one mission you are deep behind enemy lines in a ghillie suit, sneaking around and doing stealth kills with your combat knife. But then at the end of the game a fucking nuke goes off and destroys EVERYTHING. In my opinion, Call of Duty 4 was the last really good Call of Duty game.

Most of my friends and the people in my age demographic really ate up Modern Warfare 2. I was kind of puzzled to be honest. Because when I saw people playing Modern Warfare 2, I couldn’t help but notice that it looked really similar to CoD 4. And not just the graphical engine, but also the feel of the game. The gameplay mechanics seemed pretty similar and the multiplayer was god damn copy pasted. But the storyline in MW2 also seemed a bit flaky and borderline Michael Bay style. I’ve seen probably a half dozen people play MW2 dozens of times, and it seems like a very, very similar experience every time.

And then a little ways down the road, we saw the release of Call of Duty:Black Ops. The name itself invoked the thought of what Black Operations actually are. The problem with the game Black Ops, is that it heavily strays away from what I think when I hear the word Black Ops.

Here’s a cool video from Black Ops:

My first thought was holy shit, it’s practically the same game all over again.

But then both Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops made world record sales.

I don’t…I don’t understand. I just don’t get it really.

Moving right along to just a few months ago. I was browsing IGN when I stumbled across a silhouette of a man wearing combat gear, holding a gun at about waist level. And I saw in giant green letters – “MW3 – Exclusive E3 footage!”

So. In spite of my better judgement, and my own sanity; I went ahead and watched this video:

And after watching the trailer for Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Michael Bay’s Super Crazy Blow Shit Up Combat Film 2 Modern Warfare 3, I felt that nothing had changed.

Here is the same game, yet again. On a very similar engine, in fact I believe it’s the same as the past two games. With the same completely over-the-top-almost-impossible moves that your character narrowly pulls off. And the fast pace moments where the game is constantly throwing enemies at you and it’s just non-stop explosions and gunfire. The problem with this is that it doesn’t make for an intense experience, it just burns you out after a while because you never get a fucking rest. Never a single moment of clarity where something isn’t blowing up in your face, or someone isn’t yelling at you and screaming for you to fight the entire enemy force while the rest of your squad compare dick sizes in the corner of the room.

I actually just made a connection in my head as I was writing this post; the game reminds me of those ridiculous moments in the movie 2012. Where they just barely drive a limousine under a falling highway overpass. And how in MW2 you ramp a fucking snowmobile over a half mile wide canyon while being pursued by helicopters and other bad guys on snowmobiles.

Holy hell. Now that I’ve made that connection I don’t want to talk about this game series anymore.

So I won’t. On to Battlefield 3.

I don’t actually need to say anything about this game, because if you simply watch the videos from E3, the game does the talking all by itself. It’s not really a debate to me, because BF3 is clearly the superior game. But it’s all a matter of personal taste and I understand that. No matter how much shit I throw at MW3, no matter how often I point out that it is THE SAME GOD DAMN GAME over and over, and no matter how often I point out that the developers are full of shit for charging $60, and then an additional $15 for a few maps about two or three months after release; the game is still going to be released and it’s still going to break records. And I am still going to age 40 years because of it. And this process is still going to repeat until the people that have bought into this shit for the past four or five games finally sit down the controller and realize “Heh. Wow. This feels pretty similar to the last game. I guess I might play some Black Ops. Heh. This feels pretty simi-WAIT A SECOND.”

And what I’m saying is that the gaming industry indeed has cancer, and it needs chemotherapy. It needs serious help, and soon. Before people like me completely lose their heads and turn to drugs and alcohol.

We’ve been here before, haven’t we?. Every industry has a low point, although as I write this it feels like it’s happening everywhere. The game industry and movie industry especially have fallen victim to this. Each industry is now churning out sequels and rehashed ideas. Or half assed ideas where it seems like the entire team of writers are either inbred and missing a few chromosomes, or they all took the day off. Every day. Throughout the entire development/filming process.

These industries are at a low point. And I’m hoping that within the next couple years they will evolve into something much greater. Where original ideas are the norm and sequels are just fucking abolished. Yes I know without sequels we may lose some genuinely good ones (Such as BF3) in the process, but it feels like a necessary loss to avoid the dump truck-sized shit that is MW3.