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Review of “Chew”

ChewWritten by John LaymanIllustrated by  Rob Guillory

I recently bought the first two volumes of Chew. A comic series that follows agent Tony Chu.

Chu is a federal agent that works for the F.D.A.

He is often pulled in to use his special detective power to help figure out murder cases much faster.

He has a partner, John Colby.

Tony and John don’t get along too well. Tony is more of a by-the-books guy and John does whatever the hell he wants.

At first it seemed like I was going to be reading a novelization of Rush Hour, but once I got about half way through the first book I realized this is an incredible comic series. The art style is goofy, and renders most items in the background and foreground as low detailed and block-like. But that’s okay.

Because the storyline and unique characters keep the disproportional drawings in line. This is a comic, after all.

Anyways, let’s get down to business.


Due to a wild ass bird flu epidemic that swept across the nation, chicken has been banned from the entire country. No selling, storing, or eating of chicken is legal. Of course this forms a sort of black market for poultry, and chicken continues to be sold at very high prices. People will pay a higher price for quality, and everybody loves chicken.The books contain action/blood and humor, and will appeal to people ages 16 and up.

Tony’s job is to sniff out and arrest the black market poultry dealers. Early on in the first book some complications arise, and Tony meets Agent Mason Savoy.

Images courtesy of Image Comics <;

I wouldn’t want to spoil too much of the storyline for you.

So yes, I would highly recommend this comic book series to anyone who enjoys comics.

These are relatively cheap, with a $9.99-$12.99 price tag, and they can be found at Walden’s or Barnes & Noble as well as online.

Review of “Therefore Repent!”

Therefore Repent!Written by Jim Munroe Illustrated by Salgood Sam

I purchased this book back in the Summer of 2009.

I was strolling through a Barnes & Noble, browsing the many different sections and shelves.

After searching for some time, I found what I was searching for:The comics.

I thumbed through some Marvel comics, and I saw a couple interesting looking graphic novels. I picked up “A History of Violence”

Having seen the film, I thought a written and drawn account of the events in the film would be interesting to see. I thumbed through the book, and then I turned it over to see it was twenty-something dollars. I smiled and pulled out my wallet. I checked to see how much money I had, I couldn’t wait to see people slaughter each other in this maddening novel about serial killers and murderers.

And then, as I pulled a single twenty dollar bill from my wallet, I frowned.

There was no other money left, “the $20 bill must have felt lonely“, I thought.

So I set the book back down, and began my walk of shame around the rest of the graphic novels. The books I would pick up, marvel at, and then turn them over to see that I fell only four or five dollars short of the total price.

I started to walk away from the comics, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed a small white book, with incredible, yet simplistic cover art.

I took a step toward it, hesitant at first. Fearing that the small printed price on the back would be another slap in the face.

But I took a dive. “What the hell. Why not?” I thought.

I snatched the book up and read the title.

Therefore Repent…” I read aloud.

I thumbed through the book quickly, my interest increasing as each page flew by. I flipped the book over and saw the $14.99 price and I did a cartwheel all the way to the checkout counter of the store.

I was immediately pulled in by the enormous amount of detail in each page. The characters seemed to have their own distinct styles and the entire book made me want to climb to the top of a mountain and begin playing electric guitar. During a thunderstorm.

Image courtesy of No Media Kings <;


The book follows a young couple, some guy Mummy and Raven. The book begins with the couple arriving by train in Chicago. They meet a young kid, and he shows them a nice apartment building they can crash at. I guess I shouldn’t call it an apartment building, because those are typically rather large. This is a simple, two story building. They settle down in a small two-bedroom apartment, and they begin exploring the neighborhood.

Down the road from the apartment, is a small store called “She-Mail”

It is run by a lesbian couple, who are able to send and receive communications similar to emails through a form of telekinesis.

Mummy and Raven are simply trying to move from place to place and live peacefully. They have an old friend named Lilith they have been trying to link up with, but her location and intentions are unknown.

The Rapture? Whoa what the hell?

The main premise of this book is that the Rapture has occurred, and the religious people of the world have been sent up to heaven. So in other words, a large portion of the population of the world was suddenly lifted off the ground and into the air, until they were out of sight completely. Sort of like how people imagine a UFO abducting someone. A big yellowish light appears above them, and they are lifted off the ground. The people were lifted in a similar fashion. Minus the spooky lights and UFO.

There is a lot more to the book, but I wouldn’t want to spoil too much for you.

I don’t really have any negative views on this book, although I am not sure if there is a sequel or not. The ending does leave a few questions, and it also leaves the book open for a sequel.

You can find Therefore Repent! at Barnes & Noble and most Walden’s. You can also find it on numerous sites online.

If you are a fan of graphic novels or comics I highly recommend you add this book to your collection.