It wasn’t funny then. It isn’t funny now. -Official release-

Alright. Well.


Album download link.

The album is now available for download. If you’re afraid to download stuff from the Internet then just post a comment and let me know, and I will upload the album to Youtube.


Side note – I couldn’t get The Witcher to work after trying several workarounds. Since I received Starcraft 2 (and possibly Skyrim? I’ll hear about that later this week) I shall be reviewing it in The Witcher’s place. I also managed to get Red Faction working. So I will definitely have a hilarious review of that up sometime very soon. I’m almost finished with the game. So uh. Yep.

Cheers. If the link is dead just post a comment and I’ll reupload it.


Oh yeah, one more thing.

I forgot. Here’s a little preview for the album. It’s just going to be a bunch of a little 1 or 2 minutes electronic tracks, with a lot of catchy jingles and stuff. Nothing too big and fancy, at least not until I get my damn full version of FL Studio back.

It’ll be free to download, or listen to on Youtube. It should be at least 720p quality on Youtube as well, so it won’t sound like shit.



Double update. What?

Because my workload just isn’t big enough.

Coming sometime in the near future, from Mister Mike:”It wasn’t funny then. It isn’t funny NOW.”

Click the picture for more information. I practically have to run out of the door now.


Review of Jeopardy by The Sound

The Sound were a post-punk English band that formed in 1979.

A few months ago I came across this album. At first I was just drawn to it because of it’s sorta cool album art. But I flipped it around and looked through all of the tracks. After a bit of debate (My original intent was to pick up a Gorillaz CD) I ended up leaving with Jeopardy.

When I got home I popped it into my computer and then I listened to the entire CD. Something incredible happened. I actually connected to the song lyrics, and the music was pretty cool. With plenty of catchy rhythms and foot tapping beats, I really can say I enjoyed Jeopardy. From the leisurely stroll that is “I Can’t Escape Myself” to “Night Versus Day” to the fast-paced-throw-chairs-and-break-windows of “Heartland” and “Resistance” The flow of the CD balances greatly from track to track. It feels like a rollercoaster ride.

Although the band has long since broken up (1988) I still like the music they left behind. They were definitely an underrated band.

But in conclusion, this CD is one of my personal favorites, so it gets slapped on the M&D’s Righteous Sounds list.