Oh yeah, one more thing.

I forgot. Here’s a little preview for the album. It’s just going to be a bunch of a little 1 or 2 minutes electronic tracks, with a lot of catchy jingles and stuff. Nothing too big and fancy, at least not until I get my damn full version of FL Studio back.

It’ll be free to download, or listen to on Youtube. It should be at least 720p quality on Youtube as well, so it won’t sound like shit.




This weekend on M and fuckin’ D (Update)

The weekend I thought was going to be completely free ended up being packed with bullshit. So I will be uploading the videos and posting the reviews tomorrow afternoon because I suck.

Since I’ve delivered on everything else pretty well recently, you can take that shit to THE BANK.


Reviews/videos of Mafia 2, Mirror’s Edge, Magicka, and Operation Flashpoint – Dragon Rising will be thrown at your faces. And part 2 of the Phat Boyz – Paint the Town Phat.

                                 Italian Sausage Fest 2
                                               This game is actually really great

                                 “Mah name’s uh Faith and I’m uh ninja”

                                I am going to destroy this fucking game.

One of them should be up tonight. The other three will be up either Saturday or Sunday.

*Images courtesy of Google ‘n stuff*