Review of Certified Air Raid Material by edIT

I’d just like to say that edIT is a musical genius.

I picked this up, being immediately drawn to the album art. I flipped it over and saw all of the track names were kick ass. Especially “Battling Go-Go Yubari In Downtown L.A.”

I listened to the entire album on my computer, and I was completely astounded.

“Straight Heat” makes me want to hop in a car and drive around downtown with the windows down and the bass up.

The remix of “Night Shift” has a “break out the pot and let’s party” feel to it. The beginning of the song makes me feel like the sub woofer is punching me in the chest with brass knuckles and calling me it’s bitch.

The only song on the entire album I’m not a huge fan of is “Crunk De Gaulle”

Just because it has a touch of autotuning, and the word “Crunk” is in the title.

But a guy raps in French through most of the track, so maybe it isn’t some reference to Lil Jon and what sort of nonsense he gets into while he’s in a club, but still the word “Crunk” pisses me off.

Anyways. This CD is definitely recommened to anyone who likes electronic music. It should be right up your alley. If you don’t like it, then it’ll be right up your ass.**Image courtesy of Google**


Review of Jeopardy by The Sound

The Sound were a post-punk English band that formed in 1979.

A few months ago I came across this album. At first I was just drawn to it because of it’s sorta cool album art. But I flipped it around and looked through all of the tracks. After a bit of debate (My original intent was to pick up a Gorillaz CD) I ended up leaving with Jeopardy.

When I got home I popped it into my computer and then I listened to the entire CD. Something incredible happened. I actually connected to the song lyrics, and the music was pretty cool. With plenty of catchy rhythms and foot tapping beats, I really can say I enjoyed Jeopardy. From the leisurely stroll that is “I Can’t Escape Myself” to “Night Versus Day” to the fast-paced-throw-chairs-and-break-windows of “Heartland” and “Resistance” The flow of the CD balances greatly from track to track. It feels like a rollercoaster ride.

Although the band has long since broken up (1988) I still like the music they left behind. They were definitely an underrated band.

But in conclusion, this CD is one of my personal favorites, so it gets slapped on the M&D’s Righteous Sounds list.